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HooHatch`s heaven

for heavy thinkers only

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I`m constantly learning. I try my best everyday -and get up from bed (sic!), but srsly I`d like to sew myself up in blankies and spend there rest of my life. I write and rarely finish wich pisses Viator off. I draw and I finish that, but not always.
I don`t like to write about myself and it shows I got the impresison. Luckily I`ve got a few persons who after long talks and disputes, do it instead of me :) may powers that be show them gentle faces :)

I`ve got y!gallery account, nick`s the same. Check if you want, I keep there most of my recent stuff.


multicultural studies, muzykę, naruto, neil gaiman, oversized sweaters, pandect, parodie, pearls, pink floyd, pod fanfiction, quoting, renji abarai, rpg, rukia kuchiki, sakuraba, sci-fi, sentinel, series, shin, silver,

silver earrings, slash, snow patrol, star trek, supernatural, talking with strangers, tetsuma, tokarczuk, tolkien, torchwood, tori amos, uryuu, vampire, viator, viatoris... fantasy, werewolf, writing, zelazny, zine


if you want to friend me, just friend me, and I`ll check if you`re not russian bot and most likely I`ll friend you back